“Zaytsev, Zhgi! A Story of Showman”, Russia


Back in 2009 U-Film Malta has provided a number of film production services to the movie called: Zaytsev, zhgi! Istoriya shoumena. (The story of the Showman Zaytsev). Directed by Anton Barshchevsky and starring famous Russian actors, such as: Marina Aleksandrova, Aleksandr Baluev, Marat Basharov, etc. this movie became a good piece of comedy, incorporating the concept of anti-social behavior and the positive transition of the main character.

The history of a professional entertainer, approaching 40 years of age. His life consists of bright colours, show business, glossy smiles and endless holidays. He’s the best in the business and not equal to him to find. It pleases people and having fun myself. But one day entertainer Zaitsev understands something that forces the holidays to end.

U-Film Malta has participated in the shooting process as the production company and provided the underwater filming services.