“Roman Mysteries”, UK


U-Film Malta has shot the underwater part for the production of first season of “Roman Mysteries” series back in 2007. It was a wonderful experience, which led to the creation of interesting and professional product.

Roman Mysteries is a British TV series based on the children’s historical novels by Caroline Lawrence. It is known to be the most expensive British children’s TV series to date at £1 million per hour.

The filming began in June 2006 and was first broadcast from 8 May 2007. The series is divided into “scrolls”, each based on one book, starting with The Secrets of Vesuvius.

Such actors as: Francesca Isherwood, Eli Machover, Rebekah Brookes-Murrell and Harry Stott brilliantly brought all the qualities and feelings of the main characters to life, telling the interesting stories of Roman adventures.

Filming was done in Malta and Tunisia while the postproduction was organised back in UK. Several scenic filming locations of Malta were presented in the project, together with the breath-taking beauty of Mediterranean Sea.

Both seasons of “Roman Mysteries” are now out on DVD and distributed all over the world.