“Largo Winch”, France


Back in 2008 U-Film Malta has taken part in providing the  stunt services  during the production of “Largo Winch” (The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch – in the U.S.) by Jérôme Salle – a French movie with its plot based on “Largo Winch” Belgian comic book. Reaching the U.S. screens only in November 2011, there it gets nominated for Best International Film at the 2012 Saturn Awards. In February 2011, a sequel “The Burma Conspiracy” is being released.

Movie critics have pointed out a great cast of actors from different parts of Europe, attractive women, very catchy music and beautiful locations.

The main characters were brought to life by the great actors such as: Tomer Sisley, Kristin Scott Thomas, Predrag Manojlovic and others.

The story inspired by the comic book series begins with billionaire Nerio Winch drowning while on his houseboat in Hong-Kong. Officially, Neiro had no family to inherit his wealth but it turns out, he had a well-hidden secret: an adopted son Largo. Largo is an adventurous young man and we first meet him getting a tattoo that by a legend makes the recipient invincible. Later he saves a pretty girl from being molested, who later sets him up to be found by the police. Largo escapes from prison and that’s when he finds out about his father from his father’s bodyguard. He then travels to Hong Kong to find proof that his father’s death was not an accident. There in Hong Kong he gets in the plot of his father’s second-in-command, who is trying to take over Nerio’s company.

It’s not hard to guess that there will be a happy ending to the story but it doesn’t ruin the pleasure of watching the movie.