“Blood in the water’”, UK


In 2008 U-Film Malta was filming the underwater part for the production of “Blood in the water” movie.

The project is a television film that was aired on the Discovery Channel in 2009. Based on a true-life series of shark attacks that became the inspiration for Peter Benchley’s novel Jaws. It was the season premiere of Shark Week on August 2 for the 2009 season by Blood in the Water.

The story tells of a series of shark attacks, that occurred on the New Jersey shore during the summer of 1916. Five people were attacked over the course of 12 days. The Jersey Shore attacks trigger a nationwide panic. It also details how scientists views on sharks and the threat they posed to humans changed in the wake of the attacks.

The project was written and directed by Richard Bedser, shot mainly in UK and Malta. U-Film was involved in the creation process of underwater scenes and effects, involving the latest equipment and the trained safety divers.

It was a magnificent experience, thrilling and gorgeous as the nature of the sharks itself.