The film appears to be a mind-game thriller, that’s based on the legend of Dedale and Icar but the story unfolds in the near future. It is 2027 and the scientific progress, first time in human history, has achieved the immortality through the science and experiments. The participants of such an experiment get involved into the lethal game that is being broadcasted on TV as a live show. The creators of this method, however, experience even worse kind of moral dilemmas and ethical choice.

The designer’s crew had come up with some very unique decor that will be placed in the background of a very deadly tv-game that our characters are to take part in. Actors performed some truly difficult stunts, partly the movie was filmed in Malta and partly back in Russia, where actors had performed some insane flights at the territory of the “ZIL” factory.

Main roles are acted out by the troupe of the “Gogol center” theater and a famous actor Ivan Yankovsky, known for such movies as “Indigo”, “the rag union”, “no limits”. The filming of Icaria project took place in some of the most picturesque locations in Malta and Gozo.