“Fort Ross”, Russia


U-Film Malta has been recently involved in the production of the action movie Fort Ross; In Search of Adventure. Fort Ross is not just about making the film, but also about highlighting Russian– American relations. It was shot in several locations from Russia, to Malta, to USA and Belarus. Due to the fact that the actual Fort Ross in California was renovated, it was decided to build a full-scale model of the fort in Belarus, where some of the shooting took place. Marina and underwater filming was coordinated by U-Film Malta and an essential part of the service provided was the building of a number of stand-alone sets in a number of locations.
The production has traveled to California’s Fort Ross, roughly 90 minutes north of San Francisco, to shoot some of the historical places and provide the project with an authentic researched background.

“This land, named Russian America, spread to North California. Very few people know that there was a fortress on the “Slavyanka” (now known as the Russian River), which defended the southern borders of this vast area. And I started to realize that this land belonged not to Russia, but to the Russian-American Company to be more precise. As we know, it was set up with the assistance of Nikolai Rezanov, the Chamberlain of Tsar Alexander I,” Dmitry Poletayev said.

The story of the movie starts in contemporary Russia and use the notion of time travel to transport the protagonists back in time and into Fort Ross early 1800.

U-Film has participated in the shooting process as the production company. More information about history of Fort Ross and Movie shooting process can be found on the official website of the project: