“The Gambler”, Russia


The new production is ready to cross the finish line in Malta. The renowned film director Yury Moroz has arrived at Malta to shoot the remaining part of his new series “The Gambler”.

The story develops around one of the best gamblers of the time (impersonated by the famous Russian actor Maxim Matveev) dealing with the traditional problems of the gambling industry. Breathtaking action scenes, tragic change of the character development and self-destruction and, of course, a beautiful love story line create the gorgeous scrip of the project.

The shooting process in Malta had started last week; it is the 4th project that Mr. Moroz is shooting on our beautiful island and definitely not the last one.

Different filming locations, on all 3 major islands of Maltese Archipelago, will be used to express the uniqueness of the place and develop the story of the character. Some traditional Maltese heritage sites are chosen to serve as landmarks of the project adding the specific colorful taint to the series.