Specialized Equipment

Apart from industry-standard filming and production assets that you would come to expect, we also own and have access to specialized equipment, which open doors to unique filming underwater scenarios in Malta.

Getting to the Bottom of Things with U-Film

The Triton 3300/3 submersible is specially designed to carry out underwater filming operations. It can remain underwater for 12 hours and at a maximum depth of 1000m. Featuring a solid acrylic body offering a 360-degree view, as well as a modern air-conditioning system, it can comfortably and safely accommodate a 3-person film crew. The Triton 3300/3 is not only an excellent and unique film prop, but also – more importantly – presents new opportunities for filming underwater sequences in Malta.

Stirring up a Storm

At the Mediterranean Film Studios, the deep tank, the shallow tank, the insert tank as well as all that is required for filming underwater specific scenes are the only facilities of their kind in Europe. Three tanks for marine scenes and shooting in different weather conditions

  • Shallow Tank (122m x 92m, depth: 2m)
  • Deep Tank (diameter: 49m – 108m, depth: 11m)
  • Insert Tank (15m x 10m, depth: 3.7m)

The areas surrounding the tanks are also utilized as a backlot and have a number of production facilities, from offices to set construction facilities, wardrobe and storage.