About U-Film

U-Film is an established movie production company located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea: Malta. The Maltese islands have for the past century been an important and unique location for film productions from all over the world. Ever since the first reel of film was shot in 1925, Malta has become a unique part of the cinematic narrative.


Think Filming in Malta… Think U-Film

U-Film has made it its mission to provide a sterling service in the field of audio-visual productions, combined with high quality infrastructure, on-going technical support and budgeting advice. We are a multilingual, one-stop production company whose expertise covers the entire spectrum of services required for successful filming in Malta, from the creative, financial to logistics and production. We have full-time, trained staff in all departments who work on incoming productions, as well as on promoting Malta as a premier filming location.  

Reaching for the sky from crystal clear waters.
…a new dimension in underwater filming

We are one of those few shooting companies who has its own highly professional staff and equipment, which allows for underwater filming, even at great depths.
The company has a unique submersible Triton 3300/3 (it provides 360 degrees vision under the water, has seats for one pilot and two passengers and allows to dive up to 1000 meters).
The device can be used for underwater filming projects, enabling your production to get some unique shots and footage.

Raising the Bar

Availability of the expertise, the history, the culture, the weather, the language, and the enthusiasm give us an opportunity to provide the best possible service and movie production.