The post-production stage of the first two episodes of the U-Film’s documentary project – “Dark Waters” is almost over. Whilst our video editors and …

In mid-July, the sound recording for the re-enactments of the “Dark Waters” project was already over.
Today we’d like to share what was happening at the sound recording studio during that time.

Cinematograph is an art where people filming the movies express their thoughts, feelings and views. From the very beginning of the cinema, it affected minds and hearts of the audience in a great way. Today it is one of the most widespread and popular arts in the world. Today Russia celebrates it’s cinema day and […]

The main music theme of the movie is one of the key elements, which makes the viewer transcend into the atmosphere of the story, unfolding on the screen. Composer Marco Werba has created original soundtracks, exclusively for the “Dark Waters” Project. These music compositions have one specific goal of making the viewer feel and live […]

Today the unique project “Icaria” by Sergey Kaluzhanov and Yavor Gardev is celebrating the final day of filming and the successful completion of the shooting stage. All the materials will be now transferred to the hands of professionals, who will do the “magic” of post-production. U-Film’s team is glad that it was possible to participate […]

One of the key stages in the creation of the good documentary project is a thorough work on a post-production phase. After the long months of shooting, spent mostly on the filming locations, where everyone including actors, staff, film crew and produces was working in a rapid pace to make the historic events happen again, […]

The “Dark Waters” – is a docudrama, combining re-enactment, incredible underwater shots, some 3D images and a narrative part, explaining the events within it. The movie was produced by U-Film Malta. This project is made to pay tribute to the ships, hospital ships and their crews bravely fighting their way and helping others throughout the […]

U-Film Ltd. is glad to announce a successful ending to the production of the Maltese part of a Russian project “Icaria” by Sergey Kaluzhanov and Yavor Gardev…